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Section 1031

Section 1031’s Journey from Obscurity

The journey of the tax code pursuant to IRC section 1031 is striking when viewed against this moment in United States real estate history. Never before have U.S. real estate investors acquired and stood with so much appreciation in real estate in such a short period of time. Never before ...

1031 Exchange & the Role of the Agent

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While most real estate transactions conducted in the United States have a real estate agent involved, not many of them are clear about their role in the 1031 Exchange. What should the role of the agent be with the principals in the transaction and what duties, if any, can the ...

Section 1031: West Coast vs East Coast

The history of the tax code pursuant to IRC Section 1031 is striking when viewed against one simple critical factor that runs through real estate: Real Estate is a local business. In some ways this explains why a Federal Tax Code called Section 1031, which has so much value for ...

Pay No Taxes on Investment & Owner Occupied Properties

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*Sponsored Content Taxpayers are earning record gains on both their investment real estate and personal residence, which means potential record taxes. But did you know you can avoid all taxes on a sale through creatively combining Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Sections 1031 and 121? When you both live in and ...