David Lecko

  • David Lecko is the CEO of DealMachine, an app that helps real estate investors contact property owners of off-market properties through direct mail, email and phone by simply taking a picture of any house.

Bandit Signs

3 Strategies Better Than Bandit Signs

Think back to your last road trip. Chances are good that the highways you drove down were lined with hundreds of billboards advertising everything from hotels to lawyers to fast-food restaurants. How many of these billboards caught your eye? Were you able to grab a pen and jot down the ...

The Wholesaler’s Dilemma

Real estate wholesaling is addictive. The freedom and money that wholesaling provides are hard to give up once you’ve had a taste. But it's just as hard to give up a steady job in favor of an uncertain, if potentially lucrative, side hustle. When I quit my job to work ...