Charles Einsmann

  • Charles Einsmann and Sam Jacknin each bring 20+ years of real estate experience, especially in distressed property sales and development, to Clear Sky Financial. They co-founded Clear Sky Properties LLC in 2005 before co-founding Clear Sky Financial LLC in 2013. Sam owns and is principal broker for Green Dot Realty. Both Charlie and Sam are licensed Realtors in Virginia, and Sam is also a licensed Realtor in Washington, D.C. and Maryland. At Clear Sky Financial, Charlie primarily takes the lead for networking, sourcing new opportunities, and negotiating new deals, while Sam primarily takes the lead for loan closing and administration duties. Learn more at


Developing a Niche

| Article | Fundamentals, Operations
To gain the depth of knowledge essential to becoming successful, it is important for real estate investors to develop a focus. Taking the time to build a deep level of understanding in a specific area is integral to long-term success. Once a particular market is mastered, the investor can move ...