Brian Smith

  • Brian Smith is Barnett's national sales manager, and Barnett is a The Home Depot company.

Think Realty Podcast #160 – Go Pro

Think Realty Podcast #160 – Go Pro

Flippers, contractors, rental property owners: Are you getting the best deals on building materials? Finding the best deals means finding the best partnership. A national wholesaler of building supplies, Home Depot Pro has 60 warehouses nationwide that stock supplies not found in Home Depot stores. They deal direct, they deliver ...

Tips to Survive the Middle of a Property Flip

When you hear the words “fix-and-flip” or, as I usually hear it at work, “flip” (sometimes with an unprintable adjective thrown in there as well), you probably immediately think of beginnings and endings. If you’re like most people, you think about the beautiful finished product of a cash-flowing rental or ...