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As Equity-Rich Properties Flourish, Rates of Seriously Underwater Homes Sink

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Increasing home prices are making many homeowners a wealthier bunch. So-called “equity-rich” properties comprised about one in four, or 25.7 percent, of U.S. properties in the third quarter, according to real estate research firm ATTOM Data Solutions. The roughly 14.5 million equity-rich homes is a record high for the U.S., ...
Zombie Foreclosure

They’re Not Dead, But Zombie Foreclosures Are in Decline

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It seems a flourishing housing market is snuffing out one of its persistent horrors: The “zombie foreclosure.” A “zombie foreclosure” — sometimes called a zombie title — occurs when homeowners incorrectly believe they must immediately move out after receiving a foreclosure notice, thus leaving the property in limbo. It not ...
Home With Garages

Are Uber, Lyft and Driverless Cars Parking Demand for Garages?

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As the use of ride-hailing apps and automated cars expands, more builders and real estate investors are questioning if garages are a necessity. About one in three Americans — or 35 percent of the 1,028 adults surveyed — use ride-hailing apps like Uber and Lyft, according to data from the ...

Cue Rent Hikes? Amazon Selects Two Cities for HQ2

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After months of a media-enthralling search that drew dozens of applicants across North America, online retail giant Amazon has determined it will split its HQ2 project into two East Coast cities. Amazon has selected Crystal City, Va., and Long Island City, N.Y. as the new homes for some 50,000 employees ...

Millennials Boost a Hot Summer for U.S. Homeownership Rates

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Millennials this summer helped drive an increase in national homeownership rates, according to new data from the U.S. Census Bureau. The U.S. homeownership rate bumped up to 64.4 percent in the third quarter, which is a half percentage point increase from the same period in 2017, the bureau reported. First-time ...

Three Proptech Tools to Maximize Landlords, Property Managers Time and Money

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Proptech — otherwise known as property technology that aims to improve the real estate market — is rapidly expanding throughout the U.S. And as more startups develop tech for a market that’s traditionally lacked innovation, real estate investors, landlords, and property managers have more powerful tools at their disposal than ever ...
proptech innovation

Lack of innovation makes real estate ripe for proptech

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A historical void of innovation in real estate has opened a world of opportunity for so-called proptech startups that are attracting billions of dollars from venture capitalists. Proptech — short for property technology — is a relatively new term referring to the sector of startups that create new products or business ...