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7 Ways to Retain Your Existing Tenants

When your tenants move out, it can cost thousands of dollars in lost revenue, repairs, renovations, and marketing to get your property re-rented. A hallmark 1987 study by Walker Research… more

Business Sense

Often the difference between a successful real estate investor and a not-so-successful one is how they treat their investments. A successful investor sees investing as a business while a not-so-successful… more
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Capital Idea

Getting a loan doesn’t have to be a difficult process, according to Ron Blum, founder of Atlas Capital and Asset Management. In fact, building a portfolio doesn’t have to be… more

Sharing the Wealth

Investing in real estate can change your life. Just ask Kathy Fettke, who started by renting out rooms in her own home when her husband, Rich Fettke, was diagnosed with… more
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Scott Carson, founder of We Close Notes, never intended to invest in nonperforming notes despite previously working as a mortgage broker and a financial adviser. Like so many others investing… more
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Seven Things: Profit Points

You don’t have to add another property to your portfolio to increase your monthly net. Here are seven ways to make your current properties more profitable. 1. Minimize vacancies Vacancy… more
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7 Creative Ways To Market Your Property

In a sea of MLS listings, creative marketing can help your property stand out. While these seven strategies may not be for everyone or for every property, under the right… more
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Upon Further Inspection

There’s a natural tendency for investors to think more like home appraisers than home inspectors when evaluating a property, and it makes sense—you need to know how much you can… more
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Looking for the Right Mix

Mixed-use developments are communities within the community, a mix of residential units over retail, including restaurants, convenience stores and medical offices. Residents can socialize and sometimes work in the building… more