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James Hart

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James Hart is senior staff writer at Think Realty Magazine. Contact him at jhart@ithinkbigger.com.

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InsightInvesting Strategies

Trading Places

It’s relatively easy for the average American to buy into the stock market. According to a Gallup survey from last year, about 55 percent of U.S. adults own stocks. Investment… more
InsightInvesting Strategies

The Sweet Smell of Success

The calls to OdorXit’s 1-877 help line come practically all day, every day. On the phone are real estate investors desperate to banish the stench of skunk spray, cigarette smoke… more
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Why You Need to Become a Real Estate Agent

For many residential real estate investors, it’s still not the typical way of doing business. But if you want to power up your operations, you need to seriously consider becoming… more
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Loan Arrangers

John Warren and lima One Capital Are Leading the Charge for Sensible Lending Options for Real Estate Investors Lima One Capital—a South Carolina-based lender serving residential real estate investors—has become… more
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Out-of-the-Bank Thinking

One of the great things about the world of real estate investing is that it represents fantastic opportunities for people who can find more than one way to solve a… more