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Carter Froelich, CPA, is the founder of The Property Ledger, a web-based real estate investment software. To get a free 30-day trial of The Property Ledger, visit the website at

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InsightInvesting Strategies

Multi-Plan Approach

Real estate investors are exposed daily to an ever-changing market. Sometimes these changes are favorable, and sometimes they are detrimental. The only certainties related to the real estate market are… more
Insight Money Matters

Estimating Operating Expenses

In previous articles, we have covered the need to understand terms, concepts and fundamentals of cash-flow analysis, as well as how to estimate effective gross income, operating expenses and net… more
Insight Money Matters

It Pays to Know ‘NOI’

In previous articles, I have discussed how to estimate effective gross income and operating expenses. With those figures at hand, we can now estimate our property’s net operating income (NOI).… more
Insight Money Matters

What’s It Going to Cost?

Understand the Costs Involved in Maintaining a Rental Property When Evaluating Whether to Make That Deal In recent articles, I have discussed the need for “financial literacy” and an understanding… more