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6 Hot Real Estate Markets in the U.S.

The real estate market in the United States has continued to do well ever since the Great Recession, which saw a significant amount of foreclosures and declines in property values all over the country. Ever since the 2008 lows, markets have continued to rebound and property owners have seen prices increase. Today, there continue to be a variety of real estate markets in the country that are doing well. There are six in particular that continues to be considered among the hottest markets across the country.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Along with the rest of the state of Michigan, the Grand Rapids real estate market has seen a continued boom. The median price per home in this area increased by more than 11% in 2019. Much of this is due to a booming downtown area that is full of restaurants, breweries, and other nightlife options. All of these features continue to attract younger buyers, which make up nearly half of all home sales in the city and surrounding communities.

Charlotte, North Carolina

One of the largest metro areas on this list is Charlotte. While this city has always been considered a growing city, due to the help of major corporations headquartered here, the growth is continuing. A lot of this is evident in the continued real estate development all over the metro area. Further, the success of services offering property management in Charlotte NC is a strong indicator of the robustness of the local real estate market.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

If you are looking to move to a growing community, Colorado Springs is a great option to continue. While the nearby cities of Boulder and Denver saw a lot of expansion and development in recent years, Colorado Springs is considered one of the best places to live in the USA according to U.S. News & Report. This area of Colorado is well known for having a lot of population drivers, including a nearby military base and many great jobs. It is also nearby all of the fun outdoor recreational opportunities in the mountains to the west. This is helping the city to continue to grow as the population approaches 500,000 people.

Omaha, Nebraska

There are several Midwestern cities that are continuing to grow. However, one of the fastest-growing in Omaha, Nebraska. This city has seen a major downtown revitalization in recent years and already has many draws to the metro area including the College World Series and Omaha Zoo. There are also several major companies headquartered here including Berkshire Hathaway. This had led to higher housing demand and a 6.2% increase in the median sales price year over year.

Arlington, Texas

The city of Arlington, Texas always seemed like one that was poised for growth. Since it is situated between two larger cities in Dallas and Fort Worth, the continued urban sprawl has grown into Arlington. The median sales price in Arlington has grown about 7% in the past year but is still a reasonable $215,000. There are also many attractions that bring people and jobs to the area including AT&T Stadium, Globe Life Park, and local shopping and dining districts.

Kapolei, Hawaii

Those that are looking for a home in paradise should consider Kapolei. This is the fastest-growing city on Oahu and is poised for further growth and development in the coming years. As always, there continue to be many great opportunities for those in the entertainment and travel industry. The expansion of the University of Hawaii into this area will continue to lead to higher housing prices.