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5 Tips for Promoting Your Open House

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As any agent who has ever had one can tell you, open houses are a lot of work. However, it’s said that they’re worth it because homes for sale that have open houses tend to sell for more money and spend less time on the market.

But how do you make the biggest impact possible with something that is so much work when you have a ton to do already? There are quite a few tips to help promote your open house to make it a roaring success in 2020.

Put Out Plenty of Signage

Not only do you want to put out a ton of signage, but you’re also better off if it’s custom signage from Instent. You’re already planning an open house. You already know that you’re going to need a sign out front, so why not go with custom signage to really make the open house pop and attract people who are driving by. There are other pieces of signage you might want as well, such as fliers that you give out around the community, set up at the local coffee house, or even at your local mom-and-pop grocers. You’ll also want directional signs so people can find the open house location with ease.

Don’t Forget Facebook

There are many different reasons you should be using Facebook and other social media sites for your real estate business. One of those reasons is so that you can advertise open houses with a targeted ad. While you’re going to have to pay for those targeted ads, if you reach more people to come by the open house, then it’s well worth the money spent. Social media, paid or otherwise, is a great form of advertisement, so you need to get on board with social media advertising as soon as possible.

Virtual Open House Teasers

There’s no better way to get people interested in the property you’re showing than by giving them a hint of what they can expect to find. Along with your targeted ad, make sure to do a short video teacher and post it on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and any other social media sites you use. Just a short teaser should be enough to whet people’s appetites and get them out the door to look at the property on open house weekends.

Don’t Forget Word of Mouth 

It’s important to remember that even in a world that is highly technology motivated, there’s nothing better than word of mouth to spread the word of your open house. Talk to your friends, have the owners of the house spread the word throughout their family and friends, and make sure that you knock on doors and hand out fliers as well. If there’s a way to spread the word, take it, you’ll be glad you did when your open house is all you wanted it to be.

Prepare the House

While the other tips on this list are important, it’s just as important to make sure the home you’re showing is in tip-top condition. Make sure that it’s clean, uncluttered, and that the yards are cut, trimmed, and looking good. You might want to consider talking to the owners about staging the home to sell as well. A well-staged house can make all the difference in the offers you get for the property.

These are just a few of the best tips out there for making sure your open house is a success. From staging the home to using custom signage, following these tips will make your open house the best you’ve ever hosted.