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3 Listing Descriptions that Netted Sellers Double-Digit Advantages in 2017

The right design decision or even word choice can mean everything to your bottom line.

Every homebuyer has a “wish list” for their future home, but certain items on that list could add nearly 30 percent to your sales price. According to a new report from Zillow, certain listing terms snagged sellers huge premiums on their homes at the closing table. Knowing which items to include in a rehab or renovation (and how to describe those items in your listing) could be crucial to getting the highest returns possible on your rehab or renovation.

Here are the top three lucrative listing descriptions according to Zillow researchers:

  1. Steam Shower
    Homes that mentioned a steam shower in the listing sold for 29 percent more than comparable listings that did not mention one. Steam showers not only function as conventional showers for bathing; they also produce water vapor in the same manner as a steam room and tend to have seating of some sort in the shower. They require a tight seal to prevent steam from escaping, so installing one is not as simple as changing out the shower head. Steam showers come both in pieces for assembly (custom built) or prefabricated, and costs to install usually start around $800 with the shower itself costing at least $2,000.
  2. Professional appliance
    Zillow researchers analyzed 3.6 million home sales over a 12-month period to determine that like steam showers, homebuyers love the idea of professional This could mean a professional-grade kitchen appliances or other top-performing items. The important takeaway is to get that term, professional appliance, into your listing to attract attention from potential buyers who are willing to pay, on average, 29 percent more for your house than one without said appliances.
  3. Pizza Oven
    You may never have needed a pizza oven before, but if you are getting ready to list your house then you might. According to the report, the term “pizza oven” in a listing snagged sellers 25 percent more than comparable properties. Pizza ovens can be installed or freestanding and are popular outdoor living features. These ovens’ baking chambers are made of brick, concrete, or other stone. Outdoor, prefabricated models start around $150 and can go higher than $5,000 before installation.

Of course, the scale of the effects of including these terms in your listing will be moderated by what type of home you are selling. These terms tend to boost mid-range and high-end homes, while lower-priced homes tended to benefit the most from the term “solar panel” (adds 40 percent in this price range) and the highest-priced homes tended to benefit the most from the term “sub-zero fridge” (added 38 percent in this price range).

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