• Roofstock is a leading marketplace for investing in the $3 trillion single-family rental (SFR) sector, offering SFRs in 41 markets and 23 states nationwide. The company provides resources for investors to buy, own, and sell real estate online, including data analytics, property management oversight, and other tools. Roofstock’s transparent, innovative marketplace empowers investors to own potentially cash-flowing SFRs, diversify their investment portfolios, and build wealth through real estate. Roofstock has received accolades for its innovations in the real estate industry, including earning a spot on the 2019 Forbes Fintech 50 list and being recognized as “Best Real Estate Platform” at the Benzinga Fintech Awards in 2018. Based in Oakland, Calif., Roofstock has completed more than $1 billion of property sales since launching in early 2015 and has attracted investors including Bain Capital Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Canvas Ventures, Khosla Ventures, QED Investors, Nyca Partners, and FJ Labs.


Seven Reasons to Invest in Single-Family Rentals Sooner Rather Than Later

If you’re seeking to diversify your investment portfolio away from the volatility of the financial markets, single-family rental real estate is worth a close look. Here are seven compelling reasons to invest now: Number 1: Single-family rental rates continue to increase According to John Burns Real Estate Consulting, single-family rental rates ...