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On the Record: The Term Sheet

The Term Sheet is often used in a real estate transaction as a preliminary document that is incidental but not integral to the ultimate transaction because it is usually defined… more
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Investors’ Choice

When crunching the data for our Q3 2016 Single-Family Rental Market Report, ATTOM Data Solutions identified five sets of local markets representing different types of opportunity in the single-family rental… more
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Knowledge + Power = Freedom

When Marco Santarelli, founder of Norada Real Estate Investments, bought his first property at the age of 18, his gut told him the transaction held the key to his eventual… more
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Market Update – San Diego

In May 2016, San Diego, California, was the “eighth-hottest” home market in the United States according to That had the media, analysts and even some economists starting to whisper… more
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How Secure Are You?

It seems like a week doesn’t go by without a company announcing it experienced a cyber attack, often with dire consequences for its bottom line and stock price. The security… more
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True Community Investors

Without question, the real estate business has a positive impact on communities in very visible ways. Houses are repaired and brought up to code to sell. Historic buildings are restored… more
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A Winning Combination

When Matt Rodak, CEO and founder of Fund That Flip Inc., funded his first deal in January 2015, he was already confident he had a winning real estate combination on… more
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Insurance Myths Debunked

EDITOR’S NOTE: This excerpt from “Debunking the 13 Insurance Myths for the Real Estate Investor” explores insurance exclusivity, named additional insured on your homeowner’s policy and using your homeowner’s policy… more