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Bullish on Detroit

When Michael Jordan looks around his hometown of Detroit, he just can’t help seeing opportunity and growth. Jordan is the founder and president of Strategy Properties, a turnkey real estate… more
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What’s Your Personality?

As a real estate investor, are you an investor, or are you a speculator? There is a significant difference. Speculating is when you form a theory or conjecture about a… more
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Non-Stop Support

Carl and Peggy Mullin have made it their mission to provide real estate solutions. “Whether you are selling a house, buying a home or looking for investments, we provide solutions… more
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Business Sense

Often the difference between a successful real estate investor and a not-so-successful one is how they treat their investments. A successful investor sees investing as a business while a not-so-successful… more
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Momentous Ruling in Tax Court

On Aug. 10, 2016, the United States Tax Court issued an opinion in the case of George H. Bartell et al., v. Commission of Internal Revenue, 14 T.C. No. 5.… more
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Real Estate Resolutions

This time of year, talk about making resolutions is everywhere—in conversations, on blogs and splashed across every form of news outlet. Now, what do New Year’s resolutions have to do… more
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Securing Quality Renters

Ask any experienced landlords, and they’ll tell you that one of the secrets to success with rental properties is finding the right tenants. The right occupants are a landlord’s dream-come-true.… more
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Commercial Caretaking

The backbone of any commercial property is strong property management. If you have recently purchased a commercial building or have a building that you have owned for a while, there… more
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Soft Sell

The right software can help you run your real estate business more efficiently. But how do you know the difference between useful features and bells and whistles when choosing a… more