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Unnecessary Gaps

As the President of Affinity Enterprise Group, I am in a unique position to see interesting trends emerge as I look over the more than 60 companies under our company’s… more
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React? Or Respond?

There are definite habits and traits that separate part-time and beginning real estate investors who are successful from those who are not. There are so many, in fact, that we… more
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Probate Investing Primer

Like every industry, real estate has been going through a transformation over the last few years. Where it was once possible to find many properties to purchase and either rehabilitate,… more
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Why You Need to Become a Real Estate Agent

For many residential real estate investors, it’s still not the typical way of doing business. But if you want to power up your operations, you need to seriously consider becoming… more
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Turnaround Specialists

Who could have predicted that experience trading stock options, starting ministries and hunting elk would combine to form a successful real estate investment company? That’s the interesting path Kent Davis… more
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Conversion is the Key

I don’t ever get any good leads …” “You can’t get deals like that where I live …” These are just some of the statements I hear all the time… more
Insight Industry Trends

Looking for the Right Mix

Mixed-use developments are communities within the community, a mix of residential units over retail, including restaurants, convenience stores and medical offices. Residents can socialize and sometimes work in the building… more
Insight Industry Trends

From the Ashes

After experiencing a disappointing 2014, the Phoenix new-home market steadily improved throughout 2015—and the positive momentum has carried into this year. Buyer demand increased sharply over the past year and… more