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Investing Strategies

Building a Wholesale Business

We all know that wholesaling real estate is a hustle and such a transactional business. You can have the best month ever, but once that calendar turns you are right… more
Investing Strategies

Design Elements in Rental Homes

When it comes to real estate, most people swear by the axiom “Location, location, location.” But, there’s one other element I think is equally important. The kitchen, the kitchen, the… more
Investing Strategies

Rewarding Good Tenants

Real estate investing is a wonderful way to improve your financial future and earn financial freedom. Unfortunately, there is a lot of bias and uninformed thinking that goes into real… more
Resources Doing Business

Material Prices Soar

What do the following percentages have in common? 50%  208%  323% At one time or another this past year, these numbers reflect how much lumber prices have increased. Although, it’s… more
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