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REI Business — The Triple Play Approach

Loan options for investors who rehab and flip houses are pretty straightforward. Private lenders, banks and crowdfunding sites can all be good options, depending on the borrower’s credit and funding… more
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Watch List

The global real estate market is built on a web of complexity that determines prices and hierarchical relationships of supply and demand. The activity of low-volume transactions, even at the… more
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Deep Discounting

Don’t you love getting a good deal? When shopping for real estate, nobody wants to pay full price. As buyers looking for a bargain, we start with distressed properties, hoping… more
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A Class of Its Own

Investment yields across many asset classes have lately been disappointing, but a recent report seemed to show that real estate investment vehicles outperformed most other asset classes over the last… more
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Digging Into the Details

Successful land investing, like any type of investing, requires a lot of due diligence. Investing in land often requires travel, too, since there are several things a buyer cannot know… more
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Casting for Leads

Experts in the real estate industry always have a focus on bringing in leads for their real estate business. Without a steady stream of properties to look at, it can… more
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Trading Places

It’s relatively easy for the average American to buy into the stock market. According to a Gallup survey from last year, about 55 percent of U.S. adults own stocks. Investment… more