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Steady Returns

Rental properties more often than not guarantee you a steady return on your investment. This, alongside forming a fairly strong protective hedge around your financial future. The two most important… more
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Should You Hire a Property Manager?

Rental properties are one of the most popular forms of real estate investments and for good reason. They are accessible even to beginner real estate investors and, when done right,… more
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2016 Tax Changes for Real Estate?

Donald Trump and the Republican majorities are coming into office with plans to change the U.S. tax code. It’s not clear, however, how real estate might fare under some of… more
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Shifting into Reverse

A ‘Reverse’ 1031 Exchange Requires Financial Strength, No Matter Which Route You Choose In a forward 1031 Exchange, the relinquished property is sold first, followed by the purchase of the… more
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What’s It Going to Cost?

Understand the Costs Involved in Maintaining a Rental Property When Evaluating Whether to Make That Deal In recent articles, I have discussed the need for “financial literacy” and an understanding… more

Summer Checklist

Get Your Summer Daylight Hours Back and Reduce Liability Risks by Focusing on These Top 10 Property Maintenance Tasks Ahh, summer vacation. The beach, an afternoon nap in the sun… more
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The Deciding Factors

Our Street-Smart Panel Discusses What to Consider When Looking for Maximum ROI in Residential Property Investments Scott Sklare Synergy Real Estate Group Before getting into the specifics of how I… more
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Finding the Bulls-Eye

There’s a Method to Determining Where and Why to Buy Single-Fmaily Houses I recently met an investor of single-family properties who made this statement when I asked him where and… more
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Within Reach, at Last

An Understanding of Private Equity Funds Will Help Smaller Investors Move Beyond Single-Family into Commercial Real Estate Commercial real estate investments bring immense benefits that an investor is hard-pressed to… more
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The Beauty of Buy-and-Hold

Did You Know You Have Five Profit Centers in Each of Your Rental Properties When You Keep Them for The Long Term? Most investment opportunities have one potential profit center.… more