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Matterport vs. Zillow 3D

3D tour technology allows providers of single-family rental homes the opportunity for future residents to view their homes via immersive, three-dimensional tours that make the viewer feel like they’re right… more

Long-term Rental Loans

One of the most important aspects when it comes to real estate investments is picking the right loan program for yourself and the property. Each lender will offer multiple programs… more
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Strategy for Success

Like many real estate investors, the 2008 market crash caused Jorge Abreu to re-evaluate his career and his future. His next steps, however, were likely not the same as the… more
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Property Development Is About People

It is easy to get lost in the finer points of property development when there are so many moving pieces that developers are responsible for managing. Between acquiring professional teams,… more
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Technology for Sustainable Communities

In nearly every industry the trend has been for smaller, customized, agile, and modular capabilities. Even in real estate we now see planned developments with retail, office, and housing co-located.… more
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Heart of the Home

Renovating homes for a living is of course a numbers game. Buy low, have a reasonable renovation budget to work with, and hope to turn a profit in the end.… more

Ready to start flipping houses?

Let’s talk frankly at the outset—flipping houses is a huge undertaking. It will require hard work and determination. It will also be one of the most (potentially) lucrative business ventures… more
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Gentrification vs. Revitalization

There are multiple points of view between gentrifying a neighborhood and revitalizing one. A lot of words like segregation, colonialism, and racism are often used when discussing these two points.… more
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Wholesaling Integrity

When I got into this business five years ago, I quickly picked up on the negative connotations associated with wholesaling. I also quickly understood why there were so many negative… more