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Adding It All Up

Open any browser window to any news outlet of just about any persuasion and the headlines will scream at you: The Bust is Coming! The Next Housing Crisis! Read the… more
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Real Value in Serving RVs

The RV industry is on pace for a record number of shipments this year. The Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) estimates more than 400,000 RVs will be delivered in 2016.… more
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Now You See It

True to its name, Infobrij seeks to bridge the information gap by providing all people involved in investments the transparency they need to complete successful deals. The company, based in… more
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Street Smart: Risk Mitigation

Kris Taylor President, American Tenant Screen, Inc. 800-888-1287 One of the most basic steps to protecting your property is finding a qualified tenant. How you define and screen for a… more
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Motivation…or Excuse?

If real estate investing is so great, why doesn’t everyone do it?” is a question that many wannabe or future investors ask themselves. I certainly did. Whether you’re already a… more
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Measuring Risk

Risk is an accepted part of real estate investing, but that doesn’t mean an investor isn’t always looking for ways to lessen it—and there’s no shortage of vendors promising solutions.… more
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Tax Advantages

Any real estate investor who has been in the game for a while knows the benefits of direct property investment. Among the major asset classes, real estate enjoys many unique… more
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Seven Things: Profit Points

You don’t have to add another property to your portfolio to increase your monthly net. Here are seven ways to make your current properties more profitable. 1. Minimize vacancies Vacancy… more