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With a Little Help

Rodney Pike knew from the start that he loved making real estate a reality for others, thanks to his longtime association with Habitat for Humanity and experience in the construction… more
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The ‘Moat Theory’

For the longest time, I thought financial freedom was only for the wealthy. But everything changed for me after I read this sentence: Financial freedom happens when your wants and… more
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Good, Better, Best

Flipping real estate requires access to capital. Most investors fall into one of two categories: investor/deal sponsor or lender/gap funder. Regardless of which side of the coin you are on,… more
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Seasonal Safety

I have a cornucopia of memories of holiday family gatherings. Many begin with me standing on the thawed porch near twilight at my aunt’s and uncle’s house. Their gift for… more
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Debt Financing and 1031 Exchanges

The fundamental rule of all 1031 exchanges is: In order to defer all income tax liability, you must trade: 1. equal or up in value (minus direct selling costs) and… more
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Only the Strong Survive

Think landlording is simple? Think again! It’s not for the fainthearted, and it’s certainly not for those who aren’t prepared! This isn’t to say that it’s not worth it. It… more
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A Virtual Revolution?

In today’s fast-paced world where friends, family and colleagues are no more than a Snapchat away, where you can deposit a check via smartphone instead of visiting the bank, it… more
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More than Makeup

The “lipstick on a pig” model is all but dead. Gone are the days of investors purchasing a house, putting in new carpet and paint and waiting a short period… more