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Forward Thinking

The constant flurry of news about the housing market has been consistently upbeat the past few years, as home prices increased, wages took a historic jump in 2015 and the… more
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Sharing the Wealth

Investing in real estate can change your life. Just ask Kathy Fettke, who started by renting out rooms in her own home when her husband, Rich Fettke, was diagnosed with… more
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Get Into the Flow: Find the Deals

I hear it every day from clients and partners, and at conferences: “My real estate business would be growing faster if I could just find the deals!” Our companies work… more
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Leading Question

Before we can assess the question, “Why isn’t my real estate investor website generating leads?” we have to determine a few things about your website. One of the most important… more
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Taking Control

Have you ever gotten your retirement account statement, thrown it on your desk and never opened it? That was our dilemma month after month. Finally, we were so frustrated by… more
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Why Deals Go Bust

Recently, I attended a real estate conference where I was able to chat with other real estate investors. We introduced ourselves and what we specialized in. I told them that… more
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Turnkey Tips

What’s the secret to succeeding with turnkey investment properties? We asked Sean Tarpenning, owner of US Real Estate Equity Builder (USREEB). His company has been sourcing and managing turnkey properties… more
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To Rent or To Resell?

As the U.S. real estate market continues to recover from the financial crisis of the mid-2000s, there has been a noticeable flow of capital moving back into residential investment opportunities.… more
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Scott Carson, founder of We Close Notes, never intended to invest in nonperforming notes despite previously working as a mortgage broker and a financial adviser. Like so many others investing… more
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Within Reach

Time for a little myth-busting: You don’t have to be an institutional investor to succeed in the world of commercial real estate. The Kansas City-based Block Real Estate Services and… more