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Questions You Should Ask

A Guide to Choosing a Self-Directed IRA Provider Chances are, you’ve been hearing about self-directed individual retirement accounts ever since you started investing in real estate. On the surface, self-directed… more
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Distribution Strategies

Determine the Option That Best Aligns with Your Investment Goals Experienced investors and real estate professionals are aware that real estate can be a cornerstone of their IRAs. Real estate… more
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Funding Options

Self-Directed IRA Investor’s Guide to Contributions, Transfers and Rollovers Welcome to the world of self-directed IRAs! Guess what? These powerful investment tools are just like regular IRAs in so many… more
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Harbor Master

SHIRA is Gaining More Attention As an IRA Investing Strategy If you would like to tap into your qualified retirement plan to purchase investment property and avoid all the usual… more
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A Bigger Bottom Line

How to Harness the Power of Nonperforming Notes It’s no news to anyone that you can use your self-directed IRA to invest in real estate. Many investors use their IRA… more
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Control Your Future

Self-Directed IRAs Can Lead to Retirement Success—With the Right Guidance Self-directed IRAs are an excellent option for retirement investments. They allow you to fund your retirement using assets you know… more
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Keep More of Your Money

It Pays to Know Your Options in Using Retirement Accounts for Real Estate Investing I’m surprised by the number of full-time real estate investors who rely entirely on the stock… more
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Case Studies: Success Stories

Self-directed IRAs Can Boost Your Wealth While Positively Impacting Your Community Rex, a real estate investor from Illinois, purchased a foreclosed single-family home in 2013 for $47,000, including some rehab… more
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Understanding UBIT

How to Avoid Unintended Tax Implications in Your Real Estate IRA Everyone knows that you don’t pay taxes on the growth of assets in an IRA, right? Well, not always.… more
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Applying Leverage

How to Harness the Power of IRA Non-Recourse Loans for Real Estate Investing Investors have always known the power of real estate to enhance their retirement portfolios, but few realize… more