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3 Insider Tips for Landlords

Owning rental properties is always an adventure if you choose to manage those properties personally. While no two days will ever be quite the same, there are some basic processes… more
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Landlords: Social Media is on Your Side

Advertising vacant units or paying a leasing agent to assist you has increasingly become more expensive. Many landlords have been able to save money by utilizing social media to advertise… more
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A Strategy for All Seasons

Short-Term Rentals Aren’t Just for Summer Vacationers Anymore Many homeowners looking to list their houses on popular short-term vacation rental sites like Airbnb, HomeAway, FlipKey, and wait for summer… more
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7 Common Landlording Mistakes to Avoid

In the landlording business, we make lots of mistakes. Indeed, there would be no successes if we did not encounter some mistakes along the way. It is these mistakes that… more