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Moving Up the ‘Risk Curve’

Real estate investors often start small—a single-family home investment or a small apartment, office or retail building—before leveraging that early experience into multiple properties and a larger portfolio. The move… more
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2016 Think Realty Awards of Distinction

Humanitarian of the Year: An individual of highest integrity, standards and principle who not only excels in the real estate investing industry but selflessly contributes to the betterment of the… more
InsightInvesting Strategies

Upon Further Inspection

There’s a natural tendency for investors to think more like home appraisers than home inspectors when evaluating a property, and it makes sense—you need to know how much you can… more
Insight Money Matters

It Pays to Know ‘NOI’

In previous articles, I have discussed how to estimate effective gross income and operating expenses. With those figures at hand, we can now estimate our property’s net operating income (NOI).… more
InsightInvesting Strategies

Success by Design

In his best seller, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” Stephen Covey provides seven concepts to guide the reader toward self-mastery and business success. The general theme of the… more
InsightInvesting Strategies

Sizzle Without the Burn

School’s out now, and one of the best parts of summer, I think, are the cookouts. Some of the best memories I have with friends and family have come from… more
InsightInvesting Strategies

Our ‘Secret Sauce’

It’s your first time flipping a house, and it’s almost ready. Now what? That’s a question we hear a lot. While our business model is mostly wholesale properties, we will… more
Insight Money Matters

SDIRA Dilemmas

If you have set up a self-directed IRA, you have probably done so with the intent to expand your investing options outside of securities and obtain higher returns. However, in… more