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Rebuilding Rural America

From sea to shining sea, rural America has taken its hits over the past century. Often, when economic times are hard, citizens will move to cities looking for work and… more
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The Secret Language of Entity Planning

A common mistake I see with real estate investors is the failure of their local professional to truly understand their entity needs. Most real estate investors are told to create… more
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Fab and Fearless

When you see “Bargain Mansions” host Tamara Day on television swinging sledgehammers, grinding metal, and installing sheetrock, it’s not just her construction and design skills on display. It’s also a… more
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Unlock Additional Wealth

Vacation rentals, increasingly referred to as private accommodations, have been around for decades. Historically, a family would buy a second home and then hire a property manager to rent it… more
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Cryptocurrency and Real Estate

Cryptocurrency and one of its main underlying technologies, Blockchain, seem poised to transform many industries. Real estate, which tends to be a conservative, slow-to-change industry, is ripe for transformation by… more
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A Different Kind of Smoke Damage

A home’s value generally relates to the condition and features of the property. Homeowners and sellers should understand that certain behaviors by residents have regularly been shown to negatively affect… more
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Developing a Niche

To gain the depth of knowledge essential to becoming successful, it is important for real estate investors to develop a focus. Taking the time to build a deep level of… more