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The Tampa Bay Property Market in 2020

Most real estate investors are on a weekly lookout to assess the property situation due to COVID-19. Many pay especially close attention to what’s happening in red-hot markets. One such… more
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Top 20 Markets for Defensive Investing

With the national economy slowing down (yes, it is), and the Fed promising to raise interest rates, investors may want to take a step back from their current investing strategy… more
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A Facebook Face-Off About Housing

Facebook doesn’t shy away from a problem, even one as big as California’s affordable housing crisis. The social media giant recently announced that it would begin combatting its home state’s… more
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Goldilocks Period for Housing Market?

The recent announcement that an earlier housing skeptic is now bullish on the U.S. housing market was stunning. The move was based on fundamentals, though—and is thus worth close review.… more