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The Tax Whisperer

Death, taxes, and stress. A triad seemingly inevitable for any American taxpayer. Roughly 52 percent of American adults report that they find the process of filing taxes to be a… more

Presidents’ Circle: Jason Engelman

When Think Realty Presidents’ Circle member Jason Engelman and his wife Tori Martin moved to Nashville in 2017, it wasn’t for his real estate career. It was for Martin’s country… more
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3 Tax Tips from Clint Coons

When you’ve helped thousands of clients prepare successful tax strategies, you’re likely to have a trove of insight to share. Such is the case for Clint Coons, a founding partner… more

Finding Funding

Most lenders require some level of experience before they will fund a deal. Experience shows that you have a team, understand your market, are capable of managing a project, and… more
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Most real estate investors know two traditional paths to profitability: big, multifamily buildings with hundreds of units, or single-family homes used for rental income or as a flip. But a… more

Alternative Financing

GROUNDFLOOR Finance is an alternative financing platform dedicated to real estate investors looking for financing on your next project. Whether you have a project in hand, are a new flipper… more
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Talking Loudly: More Dream Deals

Search Google for information on private lending in real estate. You’ll get 127 million results. Wow! Thanks to the digital age, real estate entrepreneurs have access to a wealth of… more
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Spotlight: Raleigh, NC

RentRange, an industry leader in market data and analytics for the single-family rental (SFR) housing industry, found in its recent data report that the Raleigh-Cary, NC Metropolitan Statistical Area (Raleigh… more

Evaluating the Numbers

As described in the December 2019 article, I worked with Dr. John Abernathy, Accounting Professor at Kennesaw State University to create a tool to calculate how inflation impacts compound interest.… more
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Realty Matters: Evictions

Rental housing providers have all experienced (or will eventually) the unfortunate predicament of having to evict a renter. Those unfortunate events are complex and costly, with $48 billion in losses… more