Get to Know Abhi Golhar! With Eddie Wilson | Think Realty Radio

Get to Know Abhi Golhar! With Eddie Wilson

Affinity Worldwide CEO Eddie Wilson interviews Abhi Golhar in this unexpected episode in which we learn what makes Abhi tick!

Abhi tells Eddie what he’s learned from his guests over the course of nearly 200 Think Realty Radio episodes. The conversation includes some of Abhi’s favorite moments, guests, and interviews. He also talks about identifying your strengths and weaknesses as an investor and how to spend your time in the best way possible. Multifamily investing, passive income and a multitude of additional topics are covered in this rare, far-reaching episode.

The Power Play:

After Eddie heads out, Abhi takes a similar approach interview approach with Greg Rand. Abhi asks questions to find out what has shaped Greg along his career in real estate investing.

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