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Real Estate Investing, with Greg Rand

Understand buyer and seller behavior with Greg Rand, CEO of Own America. Greg gives an update on the market — a fairly extreme market to an even market. It has been a pendulum for so long, but Greg discusses the need for market equilibrium. The economy is strong and Greg reassures investors that it is still a good time to buy and invest in real estate.

Abhi brings up Alabama and why he is looking at investing in properties in the state. The quality of life and cost of living make it a great location with some prime cities for investing, including Montgomery, Birmingham, and Huntsville. The duo discuss additional factors on why Alabama is a hot market.

Retail Trends

Have you ever thought about retail trends and if they have an impact on real estate? Hint: they do. Abhi and Greg go into detail about how this could impact certain markets.

In the final segment of the show, we’re discussing millennials investing in real estate.

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