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Investing in Real Estate, with Charles Sells

Charles Sells, with Platinum Investment Properties, joins the show to discuss a wide variety of topics such as tax deed strategies and how to find and capitalize on properties.

Eddie gives a shocking statistic about last year’s first-time house flippers. He wants listeners to know there are resources like Platinum Investment Properties to help. Using resources like these can help you stay on track to avoid losing money on your investment.

Current Climate

Everyone always wants to know if there is a recession, and Charles is here to give his honest opinion. If there is a bubble or a recession, Charles and his team are prepared to protect their investors. He has tips for first-time investors as they listen to this show.

Connect with Charles Sells and email him at or visit their website at

For the last few minutes of the show, Eddie talks about what it takes to invest in real estate and the benefits.

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