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Generate Leads, with Greg Clement

One of the toughest aspects of the real estate investing profession is finding enough quality leads. This means good deals from motivated sellers, which at the end of the day pay off in your favor.

Today’s guest is the Founder and CEO of Realeflow, Greg Clement. Realeflow, a web-based REI aid designed, helps investors manage a successful real estate investing business. With over 150,000 members, investors utilize Realeflow to do more than make ends meet — they want to firmly mark their footprint in the REI industry.

Using Realeflow to Find Leads

Greg talks about the benefits of entrusting a business like Realeflow — like generating leads. He also discusses some of the most exciting stories from his career in real estate.

Greg and Abhi continue to discuss their takes on the atmosphere of today’s market. Topics include where they believe people ought to be investing and what strategy adjustments may need to be made in order to fit current market trends.

Learn more about Realeflow at, and see the discounts available to Think Realty members from Realeflow at

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