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The Facts of Fixing & Flipping, with Larry Brand

Larry Brand of Sprout Mortgage joins Abhi to talk about all the angles, sides, and intricacies of fixing & flipping. Larry has flipped houses for over 20 years and is now in the lending arena, funding investors’ fix & flip projects. Abhi and Larry discuss the effects that fix & flip TV shows have had on how newcomers approach their projects. Other topics include whether or not newbies should start with smaller investments, and acronyms investors should know, including LTV, BPO, and ARV.

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The Power Play:

Greg Rand’s motto is “Whoever dies with more America wins.” This means accumulation is key—so, naturally, he’s pushed back against fixing & flipping. But, Greg’s had a change of heart regarding this method, as long as investors backup their investment with financial literacy.

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