What’s a Good Deal for You? With Joe Homs | Think Realty Radio

What’s a Good Deal for You? With Joe Homs

Abhi’s guest today, Joe Homs, is a veteran in every aspect of real estate investing; currently, he’s drawn to fixing-and-flipping because he’s found it to be the most profitable form in his area: Orange County, California. But that’s not necessarily the case in other markets around the US. This leads to an interesting discussion of strategies which Abhi and Joe eagerly explore. Other topics of interest include the current real estate bubble, finding your niche, avoiding get-rich-quick schemes, and how new investors should read the market.

Get in touch with Joe at JoeHoms.com.

The Power Play:

Greg Rand is back for The Power Play, and he’s excited to answer questions from listeners just like you. Today’s question comes from Nashville, TN, and deals with reading your yield and analyzing today’s most popular markets.

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