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Airbnb Investing, with Johnny Youssef

Johnny Youssef fell into real estate investing when he realized—as many do—he didn’t like the idea of giving money away in the form of rent each month. He bought a house when inflation was high, and then the market crashed. Yet even through those obstacles, Johnny learned that having renters to pay your mortgage still saves money in the long-term.

Johnny spends a lot of time working in the Airbnb sector. He and Abhi dive deep into Airbnb and what being a part of that market means to investors. They cover the pros and cons—one pro is that if done correctly, you will make much more money than by mere renting, but it’s important to also consider the cons.

Get in touch with Johnny Youssef at, or on his Instagram at @JohnnyYou.

The Power Play:

Abhi and Greg discuss mentors—how important is it to find someone who can help you along your personal REI journey? They also continue the AirBnB discussion and its future.

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