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Affordable Housing for Veterans, with Ken Lacy

Ken Lacy from Veterans Path Up is on the show to discuss his work with veterans and affordable housing. Ken is a Navy Veteran himself and talks about how he got his start and all his company does to help veterans.

Affordable Housing for Veterans

Ken and Abhi discuss donating a home for affordable housing and it can be used as a tax write-off. With rising property taxes and fixed income, it can be difficult for veterans to afford housing. This is why Veterans Path Up has been so beneficial.

Housing is a problem for individuals across the board, including veterans and non-veterans. Ken believes the key for long-term success and maintaining a standard of living all comes down to financial literacy.

Be sure to tune in and hear all about Ken and the amazing things he has accomplished, as well as a favorite success story.

To learn more about Veterans Path Up, email Ken at

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