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Adapt, Grow, Learn, and Earn, with Linda Liberatore

Integrating technology into your REI business—no matter the size—is a must in today’s world. Many renters won’t even consider applying for a unit for which a paper form must be filled out.

Generation Z is known for things like having a short attention span and being addicted to technology. But in real estate, they’re actually propelling technology’s abilities forward. This has changed the real estate landscape in many ways, a phenomenon in which Linda Liberatore is well-versed.

Linda and Abhi talk about the staying competitive, keeping up with changes, and the best tech tools for landlords, among other things.

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The Power Play:

Greg and Abhi share a money-making idea: buying property the way Wall Street buys property. What does that mean? Picking winners. Greg identifies each piece of the puzzle you need to make this process something you can tackle.

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