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Customer Relations

Look, if you’re like me—a fellow Real Estate Investor—you’re over it. The mere glimpse of these three letters—CRM—makes you cringe. If you’re fortunate enough not to know what I’m referring… more

Real Estate and a Recession

Most people have heard talk of an impending recession for a while now. Fear of a recession often makes investors wary of taking on new investments. The uncertainty can make… more

Rental Property Ownership

Single-family zoning has been at the root of the American dream for most of the last century. But in the face of housing shortages, soaring prices, and urban sprawl, all… more

Evaluating the Numbers

Last month’s article left you wondering about maintenance and vacancy and how that impacts the numbers discussed. If the investor as the CEO of their new real estate investment firm… more

Transformational Wealth

For Air Force veterans Jacob and Cassie Warren, it all started with paying off their first house. Now, the young couple holds a real estate portfolio worth over $650,000. Navy… more

Become the Bank™

The next step in the non-performing note (NPN) process is to evaluate before buying: The eValuation 360°© Process of NPNs is the process prior to paying for the Note. It… more