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Tips for Buying from Wholesalers

Wholesaling real estate has a mixed reputation among real estate professionals with some seeing it as a good way to get started in real estate and flip houses with little… more
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Access to World-Class Real Estate

Real estate is a unique investment product by nature. This asset class offers nearly unparalleled tax benefits, the comfort of tangibility and the opportunity for positive cashflow. For many, the… more
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How Robots Help Realtors

It is truly a seller’s market right now. In April there were only 1.16 million U.S. homes for sale, a decrease of 20.5% from April 2020. The housing shortage has… more
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Market Spotlight: Boise, ID

If you haven’t heard by now, the Boise, ID metro housing market is absolutely blistering hot. The COVID pandemic has created new and unforeseen demand trends for the Boise-Nampa metropolitan… more
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The Ultimate Risk Management Playbook

In the real estate market, many rightfully worried the COVID-19 pandemic would lead to another crisis. But we didn’t see the 2008 housing collapse play out again, as some predicted.… more