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Play the Odds

Sanctions against Russia because of the war in Ukraine will boost energy costs around the world for years—and probably inflation and interest rates as well. I’m pretty much convinced this… more
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Think Realty Webinar: Investing in Florida

Think Realty is providing you with another FREE WEBINAR! On June 22nd at 2PM (CST), a panel of experts will be speaking about “Investing in Florida.”   This webinar will… more
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What Does the New Normal Look Like?

It’s the question at the forefront of every real estate investor’s mind: When will the housing market stabilize? On any given week, you might answer that question very differently. Just… more
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Will Surges in Home Prices Last?

The surge in home prices that’s affected almost every market in the country won’t last forever—it probably has only another year. After that, will higher prices stay higher? In the… more
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How to Protect Yourself from the Housing Bubble

Just when you think housing prices couldn’t get any higher, they have. In January 2022, home prices skyrocketed again as home inventories reached record lows. The bottom line is this:… more