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Avoiding Rip-Offs

Thanks to a rocky recent history, American real estate has been dubbed the “land of milk and honey” for foreign investors. Countless people from across the globe are scooping up… more
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Lost and Found

One of the simplest ways for companies to communicate financial well-being and shareholder value is to say that “the dividend check is in the mail.” Dividends—those cash distributions that some… more
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Alive and Well

No recovery in U.S. property until 2017,” blared Reuters in 2009. Analysts were fearful that commercial real estate prices would fall another 50 percent from the peak in 2007. Building… more
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Probate Investing Primer

Like every industry, real estate has been going through a transformation over the last few years. Where it was once possible to find many properties to purchase and either rehabilitate,… more
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Conversion is the Key

I don’t ever get any good leads …” “You can’t get deals like that where I live …” These are just some of the statements I hear all the time… more
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Let Think Realty Help Grow Your Brand and Profits

Think Realty Magazine’s dynamic multi-platform distribution channels offer you the opportunity to market your company to a large and precisely-targeted audience of real estate investing-minded individuals and businesses. Our 16-page… more