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Marathon Runners Similar to REIs

This past week my daughter completed her third marathon. Not a big accomplishment to most runners but her third marathon was the Boston Marathon.  A runner you ask? No, I’d… more
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Aim for Fairness, Not Kindness

Your tenant calls to inform you that they were fired from their job. They promise they are looking for work, and as soon as they get a new job they… more
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Landlords: Social Media is on Your Side

Advertising vacant units or paying a leasing agent to assist you has increasingly become more expensive. Many landlords have been able to save money by utilizing social media to advertise… more
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Pump up Your Productivity

Real estate investing is not a solo sport.  It requires a strong support team to be successful in mastering the learning curve and to increase your productivity. Each roll on… more
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Who has the Jimmy Choo Shoe Box?

People are reorganizing closets, reclaiming shoe boxes, filled with receipts and statements that are being dropped off at their accountant’s office.  All too often, with a commitment to end this… more