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Hitting the Right Note

Dave Van Horn started working early—in every sense of the word. In fourth grade, he had a paper route, delivering the news at the crack of dawn. Since then, he’s… more
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Passion with a Purpose

In his early days of real estate investing, Joe Fairless was living in an unairconditioned apartment, attending Rich Dad Poor Dad seminars and taking improv and standup classes. Each was… more
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On the Horizon

‘Roll Up Strategy’ One trend Haldeman sees is a “roll up strategy” of consolidating products into one company, rather than each “new whiz bang thing” existing on its own. The… more
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Get Smart

Lucas Haldeman started his career as a software developer at one of the first companies to put a database of apartments online. Today, he leads a cutting-edge PropTech firm, SmartRent,… more