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Are You Looking for Your Lost Shaker of Salt?

You won’t have to worry about blowing out your flip-flop on a pop top in Jimmy Buffett’s retirement community, appropriately dubbed “Latitude Maragaritaville.” Sure, residents might still be searching for… more
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10 Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2017

Based on a member survey from the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), a nonprofit that owns the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show® and represents nearly 14,000 member companies throughout… more
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Tiny Homes, BIG Movement

As the millennials generation continues to find traditional homeownership less attractive than previous generations, they are embracing a new home craze that appeals to all ages of homeowner: tiny homes.… more
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Measuring Risk

Risk is an accepted part of real estate investing, but that doesn’t mean an investor isn’t always looking for ways to lessen it—and there’s no shortage of vendors promising solutions.… more