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Shining Bright with ENERGY STAR

You’ve seen the sticker thousands of times on your own appliances and on those for sale in retail stores. Among the aisles and aisles of appliances there is one universal… more
InsightInvesting Strategies

A Hidden Gem: The Kansas City Land Bank

As other real estate investing markets are reaching their plateaus, the Kansas City, Missouri, market is just getting started. Thousands of potential real estate investments, residential and commercial, are waiting… more
InsightInvesting Strategies

Contained Investing

When you think of alternative investments in real estate, you might not think of changing the building materials or the physical framework of the property. Maybe you should. Container homes,… more
InsightInvesting Strategies

Curb Appeal Gone Native

We all know that a buyer’s first impression of your property will likely make or break the deal. Given that landscaping can add up to 28 percent to a home’s… more
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5 Common Mistakes Made by REIs

If you’ve never had an opportunity to see Kent Davis of Equistream speak, you need to attend the next Think Realty Conference & Expo. Davis is unique in his presence… more

A Generation on the Move

Millennials are on the move! All the data shows that young adults who “came of age” during and in the immediate wake of the housing and financial crises are the… more