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Carole VanSickle Ellis serves as vice president of research and analysis at the Self-Directed Investor Society, helping investors “declare independence from Wall Street.” Contact her at or visit

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Thinking Big from the Very Start

Real estate investors buy their first property for many reasons. For most, it boils down to independence, self-reliance, and control of their future. While most investors start out relatively small… more
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Breathing Life into Communities

Tammy Phelps-KeglovichLeader, ccREIA When Tammy Phelps looks at a possible future investment, she also looks back. The leader of Capital City Real Estate Investors Alliance (ccREIA) and multifamily investor recalled… more
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Paving His Own Way at 19

JORDAN DOOLEYFull-Time Investor at 19 I was so hungry for success,” Jordan Dooley started off as he began describing his first foray into real estate investing. “I remember when I… more