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Investing Strategies

Proactive Investing

Understanding the pitfalls of real estate investing is critical to building your real estate portfolio and longevity whether you are investing in residential or commercial real estate. One of the… more
Investing Strategies

The Flipping Process

You want to start flipping homes, but you aren’t sure how to get started or how to get to the finish line? Flipping homes is not complicated, but there is… more
Investing Strategies

Self-Directed Fix and Flips

Maybe you are not new to real estate investing. Maybe you have fixed and flipped hundreds of properties or are a housing provider to hundreds of families nationwide. But have… more
Investing Strategies

Flip the Switch

I recently spoke at the Think Realty Conference & Expo in Atlanta and moderated a panel of real estate agents who have “flipped the switch” from real estate agent to… more
Investing Strategies

Top Trends in Design

On the Walls  Gray walls lasted a lot longer than I expected! What’s in now? All white walls, which can be crisp and cool or warm and soft depending on… more
Doing Business

3 Code-Cracking Tips for a Fast Sale

This article was originally published in March 2018 Think Realty Magazine. As a full-time realtor and full-time investor, I see things from a different perspective from a lot of investors… more
Insight Doing Business

Renovation Rock Stars: Portugal

When Lorraine Beato, an Atlanta, Georgia, realtor specializing in single-family residential homes, investment acquisitions, and upscale renovations, updates a property, she usually does so for one of her investor buyers… more