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Big Boom in Baby Boomer Renters

Baby boomers set the housing market on fire when they came of age, but times have changed. Now, they are flocking in droves to an easier lifestyle than one of… more
InsightNews Industry Trends

MIT’s First “Smart” Country Test

A small country in Europe has become a living laboratory for MIT researchers working on what they call “urban innovation.” They are collaborating with city planners, residents, and local companies… more
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How to Become an Accredited Investor

Summary: Understanding the purpose of the accredited investor designation is important for you and your investing business. This article walks through how to determine if you’re an accredited investor, your… more
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Hyperloop Could Hyper-Value Real Estate

Disruptive technologies are changing the face of the globe, and one that could revolutionize transportation would also be a monumental game changer for real estate. The high-speed Hyperloop system would… more
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Foreclosures Up from Reverse Mortgages

The federal government is raising the premiums and lowering the loan limits on its reverse-mortgage program. It may sound like a take-away for seniors, but according to the Housing and… more