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InsightInvesting Strategies

On the Record

So you have your first property under contract, and you’re ready to get started and hire a contractor. What now? This was the question that confronted us on our very… more
InsightInvesting Strategies

Taking Control

Have you ever gotten your retirement account statement, thrown it on your desk and never opened it? That was our dilemma month after month. Finally, we were so frustrated by… more
InsightInvesting Strategies

Building A Power Team

So you want to be a real estate investor? Wondering where and how should you start? When we started our business in 2012, we attended a three-day boot camp that… more
InsightInvesting Strategies

Our ‘Secret Sauce’

It’s your first time flipping a house, and it’s almost ready. Now what? That’s a question we hear a lot. While our business model is mostly wholesale properties, we will… more

For the Record

Using a Scope of Work – Especially a Detailed One – Can Prevent Misinterpretation and Save You Big Money No matter what size project we undertake, we always put together… more