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PPG: Color Expertise and Advice

If you are a painting contractor, new home builder, or real estate investor working on your first (or 50th) flip, you can save money with PPG paints. And you can… more
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Material Prices Soar

What do the following percentages have in common? 50%  208%  323% At one time or another this past year, these numbers reflect how much lumber prices have increased. Although, it’s… more
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Access to World-Class Real Estate

Real estate is a unique investment product by nature. This asset class offers nearly unparalleled tax benefits, the comfort of tangibility and the opportunity for positive cashflow. For many, the… more

Decisions, Decisions

When it comes to being successful in your chosen career path or business venture it is always important to understand that there are levels to achieving your goals. There is… more

Hard Money Isn’t Cheap

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to finance a home loan or a commercial real estate development, everyone wants to pay the lowest rate possible on borrowed money. It’s… more